Woof, woof, it’s me, Hoschi,

some people are do-gooder. They take care for aaalll sort of things. And dogs.

Last week, mom, dad and us went for a swim. It was saturday and a sunny day. On our way back we stopped at the grocery store.

It is always a pity that we are not allowed to go into the store. I would like to linger along the shelves and goods. I would search for chips, and chocolate, cookies, and sausages, aahh , delicious. ( drooling ) Oh, sorry, did I make a mess on this post?

Anyway, we had to stay in the car. The tinted windows cracked, so that Jetti could not slip out – again. She once did that and stormed into the store, along the corridors, yowling and searching for mom. The people were frightened to death, as she passed them like a bat out of hell. Some stepped backwards, or were pulled to the ground by stumbling and screaming people.

You think that was damned funny, but for mom it was distressing. Where was I? Yes, the do-gooder.

So we waited and after 20 minutes mom and dad came back. When they opened the backdoor we welcome them like they were away since three days. We always do this. It make them perfectly happy, you know.  It’s deliberate. To get more treats.

A woman with a flyer in her hand came over and hold it under dad’s nose: “ Read this“, she snapped. Dad looked at it, and – with a slam-  the flyer floated onto the ground. Mom looked puzzled while dad calmly started to bag our buying, ignoring the woman. The woman sheepishly stepped back and shouted:“ You ashole, you are an ashole.“ Mom looked stony-faced.  She had looked to the ground and read the flyer: „Dogs on grill“.  A little puppie decorated the flyer. „What’s your problem? Aren’t you able to point out your concerns kindly?“ mom asked the woman. Meanwhile people were prying. The woman fingerpointed at mom and dad and screaming:“You abuse animals, you abuse animals, ‚Tierquäler‘, ‚Tierquäler'“. Moms face overshadowed. „You’re better off. You think, you are a do-gooder, when insulting people you don’t know?! .“, she said .“ I think, you are a smart ass. Get off, before I give you a reason to start name calling.“

I don’t get it. Why are some humans so big-headed? They turn on us on our walks in the forest, because we are unleashed, they hustle us on the sideway and kick us.  Parents tell there kids to knock us down with their bikes. There are even people walking at weekends in the special area for dogs here in Berlin, railing against moms and dads and their dogs, while we are playing, running, joking and even laughing – or just ignore each other.

On the other hand, this behaviour is not a big surprise, isn’t it. Humans kill each other, torture each other, declare war, start holy wars, total wars, kill themselves just-so and even commit suicide. Animals do not!

We are the real do-gooder, because we do not know morality, and double standards, aren’t we. 😉

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