Sun Breakfast

JET – Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit


do you know this? You want to deploy several Solaris Sparc or Solaris x86 systems or need an easily managed process to recover you systems ? Surely, the systemadministrators know this and may have already installed processes. Some of them may say:“What’s the matter, one can use Jumpstart server!“ Some of you will repeat:“Well, but it is too complex and the preparation of an installation is time consuming, and in the meantime I installed the system using an ordinary Solaris DVD.“

Well, let me tell you something, there is a way to easily manage the installation of your systems and to configure your Jumpstart server.

Fortunately, a Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit ( JET )  is available!!

JET is a framework around the Jumpstart server. In addition to the base package SUNWjet there are several modules avaiable to manage installations via dhcp or wanboot (http ), to prepare a  Sun Cluster Installation with ipmp, or to configure a SDS configurations. Zones as well as ZFS are supported by JET and you are able to install additional packages and patches. All automatically, umanaged and in 6 steps:

1. download the  JET package

2. install the package and configure the jumpstart by copying a Solaris DVD ( for the installation you can also use an iso image or a flar archive )

3. create a template

4. edit the template by adding the clients values

5. create the client

6. start the installation

How this all works is summarized in this presentation ( english ), which I held last friday at the Sun Breakfast.

So make your administrator days a lot more relaxed. Let JET and Jumpstart do your work, while you have time to plan your projects or just chill :).

BTW, you can install your systems remotely via wanboot (http ) across networks, and just tell the handyman onsite, how to start the installation at the client site. Isn’t that cool?? This presentaton of my colleague Detlef Drewanz is also available on the link above.

We had a talk about Automated Service Request ( automatically opens Service Request e.g. in case of a hardware failure ) by Jens-Peter Gallin and Axel Koehler, HPC Systems Architect, spoke about Inifiniband. Both presentations are also available.



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