At the vet

The other day, mom took us to the vet again.

Can you believe, Jette is allergic to some grass, wheats, etc. and gets a hypersensitive medication. It’s true. She is very afraid of the injections. So when we arrived, she refuses to jump out of the car, as always. „C’mon“ said mom, “ Don’t be silly, Jette, let’s go.“ – „NO!“ Her ears hang down, and she turned her head away from mom.

Finally, mom had to carry her, as always.

We stepped in, and mom put Jette to the floor, went to the front desk to sign up, and afterwards took a seat – and…. Jette was gone.

Mom and me startled. We looked around, there was nothing to hide, so where was she then???

A woman stood in the doorway carrying a cat basket and looked puzzled to all the waiting people, while Jette clandestine flitted outside the door around the corner, nearly crawling on her tummy. Mom called her:“Jette, what are you doing, come here.“

Jette felt to be caught red-handed, turned her head… and then her look!! Oh it is a pity, you couldn’t see her! She looked as if she would be in mortal agony.

I called her:“I take care, don’t be afraid.“ And licked her ears and flew to solace her.

After 2 minutes in the treatment room we were finished and Jette walked straight out of the room to the exit. Outside, she shooked her body. „Now“, she said releaved and in a good temper, “ let’s go for a walk.“ And off she galopped and hopped, throwing her forelegs up in the air like a fawn, as usual.

Last time I was at the vet I had a little surgery. They gave me an anastesia and the last thing  I realized, before I dozed, off was my head bedded in dads hand and then … nothing.

When I softly awoke in the guard-room at midday, mom, dad and Jette were there. They were waiting for me to go home. But dad pet me, cuddled me, smooched and snuggled, put me on his lap and tucked me in. I felt so comfy, so why should I get up.

After 2 hours mom got impatient. „Okay, then“, she said, „enough, get Hoschi up“ she ordered dad. „No, he can’t. Look at him, he’s asleep.“He looked at me with sympathy. „Yes, but he must get up, we want to go home, we cannot stay here all day. “ „But he is still drowsy.“ „Yes, maybe, but he has to get up now to regulate his blood pressure. He must awake now. So take him and make him walk.“ „He cannot, he is still too groggy. Let him sleep and rest.“

Mom rolled her eyes. With a sigh she heaved me up, and laid  her arms around my belly to support me and started to walk with me. I felt like I was hanging on the ropes. I was wobbly on my feet, and I could feel the swell.  „My bonnie is over the ocean, my bonnie is over the sea…..“ I mumbled while I swayed rhythmically from the left to the right.

„Oh my dear, “ mom gasped after a while, „I administer a diet, seriously. Now, it is your turn.“ she requested dad. „Look, he is too groggy, I told you. Let him sleep.“ he said. He always knows what’s good for me. I laid my head on his lap and dad pets me, and snuggled and smooched and cuddled me.  Mom insisted:“Believe me, he must walk. If it would be up to him, he sleeps until next morning! And I want to go home!!“

A vet assistance came by and stopped. „Well how is our patient doing? Is he still sleeping, or did he awoke already.“

„He is still drowsy.“ dad said. “ No“, said mom. “ He is awake but to lazy to walk, no wonder, when his dad snuggles, and cuddles and pets him, and make him feel comfy.“ Mom looked reproachfully at dad. „I made him walk, and he is ok.“ she wiped the sweat off her forehead.

The vet assistance grinned and said: “ Well, you can take him home. Have a nice evening.“

So dad carried me in to the car, and out off the car and – meanwhile gasping – in to my fluffy, lovely, cozy bed, where I felt asleep immediately. The last thing I saw was dads hand wiping the sweat off his forehead.

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