very important people

Today the spring said „Hello“. It was a warm and sunny day. Mom had a leave day and we drove out of the city and had a walk. That was great fun, Jetti and me enjoyed it.

During the winter we often walked in the Grunewald. This is the largest forest here in the south of  Berlin. At the end of this forest,  and at the border of Potsdam, the capital city of Brandenburg,  and Berlin, there is the famous bridge of Berlin, the Glienicker Bruecke ( Glienicker Bridge ) where, in the middle of it and during the cold war, the russians and the allies of Berlin exchanged their secret agents. Well, in this forest there is an special area where tin-openers can walk their dogs.  There you can meet hundreds of dogs every day. You meet tall and huge dogs called „Zwerg“ (dwarf), small and tiny dogs called „Goliath“, fat and skinny dogs called „Tom , Dick and Harry“, bastards, pedigree dogs, brown, black, white, and dogs of every color, and  they all are cool, and get along with each other. Not so the humans.

There is also a snack bar;well it is more a kind of van where the shopman offers Bratwurst and Wiener ( no, not citzens of the austria capital city – remember- tin openers use weird words for food, as I mentioned in an earlier blog  entry ). However, often mom bougth us a Wiener for breakfast.  The other day we stopped and the snack bar van again and mom ordered a wiener for Jetti and me and a Bratwurst for herself. It was a few days before christmas and so it was crowded, most of the people were in vacation as well as mom.

A man  in a best business coat was next after mom and orded two hot wine punches and a Bratwurst. We all had to wait for our foood. The man was pretty busily,  impatiently, he got the punches and took them around the corner to his girl-friend. Meanwhile, mom got the wiener and fed us. When the very important business man came back, mom’s bratwurst was ready. The guy looked at her unfriendly and with a disgusted voice he said: “ Well, then , great, so much for MY bratwurst.“ He looked offended at mom. Mom turned around: “ Probably not.! I was first and I waited here for my order, as you, understood!“ He murmered and grumbled and with anger he said:“ This was my order .“  Mom was so perplex that she just looked unbelieving. Usually, she is not lost of words. Jetti and me had still a mouth full of wiener, we weren’t able to reply, when mom found her voice back and said: “ You know, fine feathers doesn’t make fine birds and a  business coat doesn’t make the man.“ She shook her head and off we went leaving the man confused open-mouthed.  I do not mind, because my mom and dad are the very important person, they walk us, they play with us, they feed us with wieners,  and all this without wearing business suites. It is the result that counts. Don’t you agree?

And when christmas eve came,  a huge gift laid under the christmas tree and we unpacked a tasty  bone. MMMH- delicious.

with greeting t oall V.I.Ps and all who think they are,


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