Welcome to WordPress.com.

I decided to move my blog from http://blogs.sun.com/claudia and to continue here.

The blog name is a wordplay – maybe a little bit pathetic and stereotype – but seriously regarding that the SUN isn’t shining anymore ( by itself just as part of Oracle ) and the new IT buzz word is now: cloud. So these days are cloudy days or Claudi(d)a(y)’s.

However, this new blog still allows me to write also some private stuff.

see you soon on this page, and best regards,


3 Gedanken zu “Welcome!

  1. Hi Claudia,

    congratulations to your own, self-managed blog! Looking forward to reading your next entries :). I set up my own blog a few months ago (independently of the Oracle acquisition) and it gave me a lot of new experiences to draw from.


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