11. Sun Breakfast wrap up

It was an anniversary this time: 2 years Sun Breakfast.
Time goes by so fast….
17 Attendees found their way through snowy Berlin in our Sun Office and listened to Franks ( frankb=Frank Batschulat, MTS, Solaris Zones Team ) presentation about Solaris 10 Containers ( brandz ), not to confuse with the usual Solaris Zones in Solaris 10. His slides are here .
Afterwards, they followed my demo about Crossbow vWire and how to setup a private network in a box.
Here are the slides . Please download it, and create your own private network on your laptop with vnics, etherstubs, flows and a vnic used in a VirtualBox VM.
I wish all of you a mery christmas, and a very happy year!!
see you next year, best regards,

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