Sun VDI 3.0 Demo Installation 2 2/3

short update on the demo installation. The directory server is successfully installed.
Here is what I did to install and configure the ldap server:
Install Directory Server 6.3
Installation instructions
Document collection
So, after downloading the tarball, gunzip and extract the files ( tar xf ).
Read the README.txt and open the installation instructions. Following it, we do:
Install the DS Server
Change your current directory to the download directory and change to the install dir of DS 6.3.
bash-3.2# cd DSEE_ZIP_Distribution/
bash-3.2# ls
dsee_data dsee_deploy idsktune
bash-3.2# ./dsee_deploy install -i /local -p 11169
Unzipping …
Unzipping …
Creating WAR file for Console
Configuring Cacao at /local/dsee6/cacao_2
Setting Cacao parameter jdmk-home with default value [/local/dsee6/private]
Setting Cacao parameter java-home with default value [/local/jre]
Setting Cacao parameter nss-lib-home with default value [/local/dsee6/private/lib]
Setting Cacao parameter nss-tools-home with default value [/local/dsee6/bin]
Setting Cacao parameter jmxmp-connector-port with value [11169]
Registering DSCC agent into cacao
Starting Cacao if necessary
Registering JESMF agent into Cacao
Making a copy of dsee_deploy
Making a copy of listrunnings64
You can now start your Directory Server Instances
You can now start your Directory Proxy Server Instances
Now we need to configure the directory server.
1. Create an instance
The working directory is /local/ds6/bin
bash-3.2# ./dsadm create -p 389 -P 636 /local/ds
Choose the Directory Manager password:
Confirm the Directory Manager password:
Use ‚dsadm start ‚/local/ds“ to start the instance
2. start the instance
bash-3.2# ./dsadm start /local/ds
Directory Server instance ‚/local/ds‘ started: pid=10880
3. verify if you can read the root DSA Specific Entry ( DSE ) of your instance
bash-3.2# ldapsearch -h gandalf -p 389 -b „“ -s base „(objectclass=*)“
version: 1
objectClass: top
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.7
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.8
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.3
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.5
supportedExtension: 2.16.840.1.113730.3.5.6
Fine! Now configure the DS Server:
1. create an suffix dc=demo, dc=com; NOTE: if you use dc=example, dc=com you can import the /local/ds6/ldif/Example.ldif afterwards!
bash-3.2# ./dsconf create-suffix -h gandalf -p 389 dc=demo,dc=com
Certificate „CN=gandalf, CN=636, CN=Directory Server, O=Sun Microsystems“ presented by the server is not trusted.
Type „Y“ to accept, „y“ to accept just once, „n“ to refuse, „d“ for more details: Y
Enter „cn=Directory Manager“ password:
2. check it
bash-3.2# ldapsearch -h gandalf -p 389 -b „“ -s base „(objectclass=*)“
version: 1
objectClass: top
namingContexts: dc=demo,dc=com
hurrah… finished.
Now we can continue our VDI configuration, finally:
Go to
http://server_name:1800 or http://localhost:1800
and setup your Desktop Pools, how we do this, I will describe later.
But, meanwhile, you can try it yourself
Good luck,

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