Sun VDI 3.0 Demo Installation 2 1/2

Hi folks,
I started to go further with my demo setup and whoops, ran into the first obstacles.I have to realize that we must go through some painfull tasks.*smile*
There is NO WAY continuing to set up desktop providers and to configure VDI as long as we do not have installed LDAP ( or you can use AD )!
So, right now, I am downloading Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition.
Meanwile you can check this and also download and setup the LDAP Server.
The tasks are:
The easiest ones are to check if all services are up and running and some if some parameters were set:
1. enable iscsi target SMF service
# svcadm enable svc:/system/iscsitgt:default
2. the webpage recommends to limit the ARC cache of ZFS, for example to 2 GB
set zfs:zfs_arc_max = 2147483648
3.check and – eventually – enable ssh:
bash-3.2# svcs svc:/network/ssh:default
online 16:53:45 svc:/network/ssh:default
4. check your http service:
bash-3.2# svcs svc:/network/http:apache22
online 16:53:49 svc:/network/http:apache22
5. check if the webservice for VirtualBox is enabled:
bash-3.2# svcs svc:/application/virtualbox/webservice:default
disabled 16:53:25 svc:/application/virtualbox/webservice:default
If the service is not enabled, as in this case, enable it by using svcadm:
bash-3.2# svcadm enable svc:/application/virtualbox/webservice:default
check the state afterwards:
bash-3.2# svcs svc:/application/virtualbox/webservice:default
online 17:24:02 svc:/application/virtualbox/webservice:default
and finally, we need to setup LDAP.
1. Get the Directory Server here at no cost, no kidding, as the webpage tells you:
Select Directory Server Enterprise Edition
Select Version 6.3.1
Select Compressed Archive ( zip )
Select Solaris 10 64×86, if you use an x86 box, like me.
and download the full version of 384 MB…………….. and configure the Directory Server.
Installation instructions are:
cu tomorrow!

2 Gedanken zu “Sun VDI 3.0 Demo Installation 2 1/2

  1. Grant Vine schreibt:

    Hi claudia,
    Do they explicitly request Directory Server Enterprise Edition, or will any DS do ?
    If so, then the rather reduced footprint of OpenDS should do the trick, the Sun Ray datastore uses this iirc anyhow, so this is as generic a DS you are going to get for a small download.

  2. Claudia schreibt:

    Hi Grant,
    back form the holidays – Happy Holiday and a happy New Year – I am late answering.
    Any ldap Server works as well as active directory.

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