Berliner OpenSolaris Group

Well, yesterday Frank Batschulat and me were at the Berliner Opensolaris Group and talked about sharemanagement and CIFS Service. If you are interested in the presentations you will find them here .
Originally the presentations were created for an OpenSolaris Installparty at the 6. SunBreakfast. So the presentations are also guides through the installation, configuration and handling of nfs and cifs shares via sharemgr(1M).
The Brosug meets once a month at „Newthinking“, Tucholsky Strasse 48, in Berlin Mitte. There is room for discussions with experts and like-minded people during the talks and afterwards in an indian restaurant.
The events are announced at the opensolaris webpage . If you are interested in information via email, please add yourself to the mailing list.
Additionally, you can assign yourself to the
gosug mailing-list
to get information about other activities in Germany and to ask technical questions.
Frankly, I was a little bit disappointed, because there were just a couple of people, again. May it was due to the agenda, but I noticed it also in the past, except once, when Uli Graef talked about ZFS and the room was totally over crowed.
If you take a look at the events and agendas from the past you will realize, that there were a lot of interesting and various talks.
Please feel free to inform your colleagues and friends to join this community. This is a chance to get technical advisory and training for free from experts!
If you“re not a citizen of Berlin you might want to participate the OSUG in Munich or Hamburg.
so, hopefully see you next time at the next Brosug event.

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