Network virtualization

today I finished my presentaton about network virtualization.
There are different versions available:
1. as .pdf file in english
2. as staroffice file with notes , also in english.
3. as .pdf file in german
4. as staroffice file with german notes .
Comments and feedback are welcome,good or bad.
Text und images were mostly copied from the System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network
Virtualization (; regarding LDoms I used text parts of the document: „Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.0.3 Administration Guide“ (
Some images and slides are from Nicolas Droux‘ presentation:“Crossbow Network Virtualization and Resource Partitioning”
and some images regarding LDoms und vnet are from Martin Muellers presentation he held at the Partner University 2007. Others are from the presentation: “LDoms: Logical Domains Technical Overview” by Alexandre Chartre, Solaris RPE.
I like to say THANK YOU to all authors!
And here are some helpful links:

3 Gedanken zu “Network virtualization

  1. I think that slide 6 – 7 is inaccurate, but would like to be proven wrong. It seems as though what you are illustrating with assigning link names is the creation of vnics, which is not in S10. That is, I know of no way in S10 to assign a link name of subitops0 to ce0.

  2. Claudia Hildebrandt schreibt:

    Hallo Mike,
    thanks for that hint. You are right, it isn’t in solaris 10, it is in OpenSolaris.
    I’m going to check that.

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