I am the pathfinder

Hello me again,
as you already know, I love to stroll through the forest with Jetti. Every time it is a new adventure. She and me are an excellent team. I go in front and peek around and check out every path. And if I’d be able to, I would shield my eyes with my praw and spy with slitted eyes, like one of these scouts you’d often see in old western. When I finished the discover I elegantly hop around on my hind legs and sprint back the path. That’s fun!
One day we went off-road through the forest. Jetti and me followed a fox track over a little hill when all of the sudden that fellow stood in front of us. We freezed, and then this little bastard snapped at us. – Woof, beat it!
We were so sc… surprised, that we really forgot to chase him. Never mind! Next time his number is up and he must be prepared. No mercy, my friend!
I forgot to mention – in fact it sounded more like: squeak! Don’t. Hahahaha, we scared him.

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