weird words

german human beings use weird words for food. It struck me right away when mom recently said: „Hoschi, let’s go for you to do your poo and afterwards we buy Berliners and you’ll get your treaty.“ The first part of the sentence is just awkward – stupid babytalk, I gently overheard that. Last part I understand quiet good – treaty – I cocked my head – and suddenly I started. What – I’ll get Berliners as treat??
Jette told me then, tin openers use weird names for food. For instance: Hamburgers, which are ordinary burgers, and are usually not burgers with ham; Frankfurters, which are sausages, Amerikaner, that is a iced cookie.
And finally, Berliners, which is a doughnut and so called in some nothern regions of germany, except in Berlin, where the Berliners call Berliners pancakes, whereas in the rest of germany a pancake is truely a pancake, and Berliners are either called „Schmalzgebaeck“, or „Krebbel“, or „Mutzen“. Got it ? Or did I lost you.
However, one thing is certain, german men do not eat Berliners. And I love them.
Now, I’m going to ask Jette for support sitting in front of the treatbox and whimpering until mom gives us one.

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