When it rains, it pours

or all bad things come in twos.
Hi readers, fans, admirers, lovers, adorers,
of me. Long time no see.
The last 4 weeks were very turbulent in one way and very uninspiring the other way.
Four weeks ago, Mom, Jette and me drove to the forest. It was one of the last sunny autumn days. The colored leaves of the trees flashes the light in yellow, red and orange. The air was fresh, and it wasn’t cold. Jette and me sat on the front seat together ( for the first time, Jette let me ) and looked out of the windshield. It was late morning and we passed a lot of trippers, who wanted to enjoy one of the last warm days of the year and so do we.
As we arrived, Jette and me jumped off the car and immediately started to stroll around waiting for Mom to be ready.
Mom went to the back of the SUV and lift the bike out of it. Excitedly we barked:“ Hurry up, Mom, Come on, let’s go!“ „Settle down, in a jiffy I am ready. I have to close the car. But before, I must park the bike, somewhere.“ Mom looked around searching for a place to park the bike. “ Ah, the tree, there I lean it against.“ She turned, and suddenly she cried „ouch“ and fell to the ground, to grimace with pain. „Oh, oh, ouch, ouch, ouch“, Mom whined. She held her left ankle. I had heard it to, it was not very loud, but it was clearly a crack. „Shit, shit, shit, ouch ,ouch ouch“, Mom still whined. „It is broken, for sure.“ „Jetti, Jetti.“ I shouted. „What? Is Mom ready, at last? Are we going?“ she shouted back happily. „Come here, hurry. Something happened.“
Jette and me looked helpless and caring. „That’s the end of our walk?“ I asked Jetti. „That’s that! What a pity.“ she answered. „How can we help?“ I looked at her. „Guess there is nothing to do right now.“ Jetti shrugged with her shoulders. „Alrighty, let’s not waste time and spend energy. Catch me, catch me if you can.“ I ran away and asked Jette to follow me. Meanwhile, Mom had stood up and laid face down in the back of the SUV. She wasn’t whining anymore, but I heard her groaning. „Alright, alright, the pain fades, pain go away, pain go away.“ She stood up, hopped to the bike, grabbed it, hopped back to the back of the SUV, smashed the bike into the back and ordered:“ Jetti, Hoschi, come on, hop, we’ll drive back home. Sorry, but that’s it.“ The colored leaves of the trees flashes the light in yellow, red and orange. The air was fresh, and it wasn’t cold. Jette and me sat on the front seat together again and looked out of the windshield. I was really sad.
Few days later, Mom packed her bag and kept away for seven days. When she came home, she hopped between two sticks. First I was afraid of them, but I learned they are walking sticks and called crutches. Dad is really busy. He works a lot, does the buying, helps Mom and walks Jette and me, but just two times a day, but we have a garden and Jette and me can play there, if we want to. But mostly we won’t. Jette preferably likes to stay at Mom’s side. But since last week we started to drive to the forest again, and Mom began to walk again, carefully.
What a blitheness!!
We’ll back soon, we’ll bounce back!
cu later, alligator,

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