What a horrible day

Hello ( snivelling),
this is one of my bad days ( sobbing ).
All started well this morning ( snivelling ). I was on patrol as every morning ( I told you before ). And as usual I trailed Dad along the way and met Manja, the black, beautiful poodle damsel and barked at her: Good morning, hottie! You look so sexy today, cara mia.“ She barked back:“Good morning, cutie. What does cara mia mean ?“ – „My darling, sweetheart.“ – „Dream on, Gigolo.“
UUh, that’s huge progress. Slowly but surely she falls for me – hehehe ( grinning ). I went along, round the next corner into the street were I usually do my number two. Well, after that I always feel much better. I couldn’t have stand it any longer.
Moving on, we halted at the next corner to cross the street when something caught my eye. There was a little movement on the ground. Mom and dad didn’t notice me, they were talking about something. Curiously I approached to it – ouch – what was it, something pricked me. I hobbled – ouch-ouch: “ Hey Dad, hey Mom, there is something in my paaaahw ( sobbing ). Pull it ooouuut! Buck uuuuuhhhhhh-uuuuuhhh up (spasmodic sobbing )!!!“ Dad was first, he held my paw, mom kneeled down and searched for a sting – she couldn’t find it – there was none. I sat down, held up high the paw and cried at the non visible moon:“UUUhhhh uuuuhh, woooooof wooooof uuuhhh ( weeeping, howling).“
Everyone should hear my pain!
Dad looked frightened:“Hurry up,take the car, we’ll drive to the vet!“ Mom looked at him:“Are you serious? Nothing to see. Hoschi overacts.“ – „No, no, I never heard him weeping this way before. Go, and take the car.“ Right, go, take the car,mom. As if I would ever oooouuuhhhhveraaaaaauuuuuhhh..ct ( sobbing and weeping). Dad hauled me up on his shoulder and mom ran off to take the car. In different directions and Jetti was confused.
Dad carried me home ( gasping )- I did not know why. Mom was already off to take the car. However, I appreciate his sympathy for my suffer. Really.
The vet said, I stepped on a bee and this bastard stabbed me, before it died. Fairly enough ( sobbing )! The vet then stabbed me with a cortison injection – not fair( weeping ).
Jette was happy that she wasn’t stabbed this time.
At home again, I gladly sank in the cuddly pillows on the couch( snivelling ).
bye-bye, see you soon,
sincerly yours,

2 Gedanken zu “What a horrible day

  1. Hoschi, the good news is you can start your day over right now. Just stop snivelling and start counting your blessings.
    You are not living in a hut in Kenya and making $10.00 a month, like Obama’s brother.

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