What a wonderful day

Hey folks,
long time no see. Sorry, but I was very, very busy lately.
The last weeks were extremly stressfull. We were planning mom’s and dad’s wedding. So they hadn’t had the time to go out to the forest with us. We were allowed to pee in the garden and had to stay in the house, while Mom and Dad hectically ran from here to there and from there to here.
After all was done, a few days before the wedding, they couldn’t fall asleep, so we had some looooooong nights again.
You may refuse to believe it, but I really need my beauty sleep – sure, I don’t really need it, I’m already a beau.But I love sleeping. And I like it comfortable. I make myself comfortable on the couch, or in the bed of mom and dad, and I love my comfi dog basket full of cuddly pillows. I like to prevent any movements and try to make only the slightest movements. Believe me, I’m an expert in micromotions. The best place is sitting in the middle of the living room, so I can turn on my butt in any direction to notice everything that’s going on.
And then it was the day of the wedding. We, Jette and me, weren’t allowed to attend the wedding. We had to stay in the house of our dogsitter – that was a silly thing to do and irksome. So much for dressing me up in black and white to match dads best suit!
But the next day we joined the party and that was very exhausting,too, but fun. Jette even danced. Me not, expectedly.
And then the party was over, the guests departed and all went back to normal and I could lay down in my dog basket full of cuddly pillows, felt asleep and made only the slightest movements. What wonderful days !

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