Konfiguration x64 Server UPDATE

Recently I heard about some claims of a customer about the installation process of x64/x86 servers.
He said, he had some problems and issues with OS drivers, the ILOM and BIOS firmware and settings and the installation of drivers for Sun-installed components option cards when using Windows or supported Linux OSes.
I like to point to this page:
Sun Installation Assistant ( SIA ).

SIA Features are:
* Supports booting from a local or remote CD, USB flash drive or Network image
* Provides a graphical wizard interface
* Scans your server and installs the drivers for Sun-installed components and option cards [1]
* Optionally checks with Sun for updates to OS drivers and Sun server software
* Optionally upgrades ILOM Service Processor (SP) and BIOS firmware
* Deploys Linux, Windows and Sun-supported applications to your Sun x64 systems
* Optionally deploys using unattended scripted mode and PXE (Linux only)

The weblink provides a download of the wizard for all x64/x86 servers including blades, and links to the manual, to a BigAdmin Feature Article and finally also to a discussion forum.
I updated my paper „How to configure x64 Servers“ x64_server.pdf ( german and english x64_server_engl.pdf version available ) by adding the link.
You can find the paper here .
The purpose of this paper is to help customers to configure their x64 servers.

Feedback is appreciated.


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