Last week in Munich

Last week, I participated the "PTE Workshop VDA kit" in Munich initiated by my dear colleagues Thomas Assum, Thomas Spandoeck and Carsten Thalheimer. 18 participants and Sun partners came together to setup virtual desktops with VMs on an ESX 3.0.1 Server, Sun Secure Global Desktop Software and Sun Ray Software 4. This was fun!

We hastened through the cookbook: installation of the Virtual Infrastructure Software, installation of a Solaris10, a Windows 2003 Server and finally XP VM; installation and configuration of SSGD and finally setting up virtual desktops using the VDA kit.

I was really impressed how easy it ws to configure the software and to setup the components.

Now, on 11th of September 2007 Sun announced Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 1.0 (Sun VDI).

Installed on Solaris 10 and in combination of VMWare Infrastructure 3 Software it enables you to setup virtual desktops and to consolidate them onto datacenter servers. This way users can own their  dedicated desktop evironment, customized to their needs and isolated from other users.

Virtual desktops can be cloned, copied, updated and maintained centralized. Critical data is kept in the datacenter and can be backuped and administrated by your IT Administrators easily.

Data is safe of lost and theft.

Virtual desktops replaces your traditional PCs such as Windows or Mac OS and makes the administration easier. Thin clients from Sun or other vendors can be used as well.

Organizations are able to create many desktop environments on one single Sun Fire x64 system and VMware ESX Server.

If you are interested in more details, have a look here:


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